In the studio

I have had a productive day in the studio, arranging, reflecting, adding and removing to develop the work further.IMG_0037

Oil paint on ceramic tile.



Oil paint and graphite on paper.

I knocked back the vibrant colours with a thin glaze of zinc white to give a good ground to continue work on. The piece, top right, I prepared the ground with graphite powder to take to the shoreline along with other prepared papers to experience the natural elements. I have arranged them in this format to see how they work as a panelled piece. I think this is working but I would like to play around with the arrangement.


Oil paint on aluminium.

I added a thin glaze of Sap Green to the French Ultramarine and Purple Lake it is beginning to allude to my subject.IMG_1505

Oil paint on plywood and burlap.

This is my first attempt of putting oil paint on burlap. It has gone on a bit patchy, the surface is rough and uneven and grabs the pigment. It is a thin glaze of Purple Lake. I will put another coat on when dry and see what happens. I think the plywood offsets the burlap well when placed together.

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