Clare Thatcher is a Contemporary British artist based in Bristol UK with painting and drawing at the heart of her practice.

Clare makes work deeply connected to a sense of place in response to particular landscape features that have a profound effect on her, mostly in coastal and tidal areas.

The locations she chooses and the focus of her attention is highly selective and personal, one that evokes a very strong, emotional, felt response. Central to her practice is the use of pure colour which she makes from pigments. Clare selects a limited palette and through the impact of both colour and surface aims to capture the mood and sensation of an ever changing landscape.

Clare’s work has always been about place, specific revisited places and so particularly understood by drawing directly. She uses drawing and painting as a visual language to express her most inner thoughts and emotions. Her paintings tell a story with strong narratives, carrying intense experiences felt when in a place.

Clare has exhibited nationally & internationally including Paris, Liverpool, London, Northampton, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and Bath, recently as a prize winner at the Sunny Art Prize 2022 London group exhibition, Sunny Art Centre, Gray’s Inn Road, London. Clare has been selected for John Moores Painting Prize 2018 Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, RWA Academician Candidate 2019 & 2023, 2020 Beep Painting Prize Biennial, Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Jackson’s Painting Prize 2019 & 2023

Clare is co-founder of CLaSH Artspace Bristol, where she has a studio. She graduated from Bath Spa University with a Masters Degree in Fine Art and from the University of the West of England with a first class honors degree in Drawing and Applied arts. She has won an award to attend the Helsinki Drawing Laboratory at Aalto University, Helsinki (2013) and is an Artist Network Member at The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (2017-present).


3 thoughts on “Statement

  1. Brought up in Bristol from the age of one! Been involved in a few art events including Trevor Haddrell, Totterdown Front Room, and many others, as a haikai poet. I’m looking forward to your tweets now that we follow each other!

    warm regards,

    Alan Summers
    founder, Call of the Page

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