Quiet Space 2019-21

My inspirational journey to Alaska 2019

Drawings; charcoal pencils & white chalk on Fabriano or Canaletto paper 200gsm. In conversation with sketchbook graphite pencil drawings made on location.

Distant Presence_charcoal & chalk on 200gsm Fabriano paper_100x140cm_2021
Space of Transition_charcoal & chalk on 200gsm Fabriano paper_70x100cm_2021
Darkness Looms_charcoal & chalk on Canaletto paper 300gsm_70x100cm_2021
Quiet Space I_charcoal on paper_93x122cm._ 2019
Quiet Space 2_charcoal on fabriano 200gsm paper_93x122cm_2020
Be Still_charcoal on fabriano paper 200gsm_93x122cm_2020
Silence-charcoal on fabriano paper 200gsm_93x122cm_2020
Take a Breath.Charcoal on fabriano paper 200gsm_93x122cm_2020
Quiet Reflection_charcoal on fabriano 200gsm paper_92x153cm_2020
Another world-charcoal on Fabriano paper 200gsm_2020
Other world-charcoal on Fabriano paper 200gsm-28x91cm-2020
Mystical-charcoal on Fabriano paper 200gsm-58x78cm-2020
Survival_charcoal on Fabriano paper _35x81cm_2020
Marooned_charcoal on Fabriano paper 200gsm_58x78cm_2020
Survival_charcoal & chalk on fabriano 200gsm paper-70x100cm-2021