Cornish Coast 2021-23

Oil painting; pigment mixed with cold-pressed linseed oil. Painted on plywood or cotton canvas.

These works part of a large ongoing body of work I began in 2019 titled Spirit of Place, address the effect climate change in particular global warming is having on the natural world. They are specifically about the North Cornish Coast a place I continue to revisit, where I discover a new world of such vast beauty. A place that is constantly shifting. In my works I make reference to transition and the consequences of perpetual flux, which have a profound impact on me. I find myself in front of monumental rock formations gradually eroding. These works are considered, immediate, compelling and highly relevant, subsequently made during the transition from our experience in the pandemic to the reopening up of our lives. 

Space Between I_oil & pigments on canvas_200x110cm_2021
Space Between II_oil & pigments on canvas_200x110cm_2021
Space Between I & II_studio shot_2021
Threshold of Strength_oil on canvas_200x150cm_ 2022
Ocean Full of Song_oil on canvas_140x300cm_2022
Singular Path I_oil on canvas_200x110cm_2023
Singular Path II_oil on canvas_160x110cm_2023
Singular Path III_oil on canvas_160x110cm_2023
Essence of Space_oil on canvas_180x150cm_2023
Singular Path I,II & III_2023
Space Between III_oil & pigments on plywood_30x23cm_2021
Space Between IV_oil & pigments on plywood_30x23cm_2021
Space Between V_oil & pigments on plywood_30x23cm_2021
Haven_oil & pigments on plywood_20x20cm_2021
Strength_oil & pigments on plywood_20x20cm_2021