Exhibiting in Bath

I am next exhibiting at the Walcot Chapel Bath, with sculptor Lou Baker disquiet. 18-23rd September 11-5pm with an open event on Saturday 22nd 2-5pm.  All welcome.

disquiet is an exhibition of  paintings and sculptures by Clare Thatcher and Lou Baker, who are showing together for the first time at Walcot Chapel in Bath. Although they use very different materials and processes they recognise similarities in their work and, for this exhibition, they have made some new pieces in response to one another’s work. 



When I am working elements sometimes naturally occur, this is what makes painting exciting, an idea sparks off another, surprises can happen, happy accidents. I am realising I see the landscape as areas containing modes of activity that I can work with, the physical energy of matter in the landscape. In my search for meaning I am looking for order and randomness. I like the idea of creating a presence and not representing something through pictorial conventions. I think a presence requires a total reading of an image.

I generally work vertically or flat on a table. I can see the advantages of working on the floor as this enables you to walk around the work, it feels like stepping into the landscape.

MA Research

Anslem Kiefer is a painter that infuses the landscape genre achieving the most powerful effects of meaning and interest. Kiefer’s work has different strands of meaning, themes taken from myth, legend, religion and political history. He takes complex ideas and puts them into a single coherent image, using a pictorial language the viewer can understand.

In my research I am interested that other German artists have recently exhibited in the UK, Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz and currently a retrospective Alibis: Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern.