Exhibition visit.

Jeremy Gardiner Jurassic Coast exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery Bath is a really interesting exhibition where the artist shares his process, methods and influences. Well worth a visit and is on until 1st March.

Gardiner portrays the Jurassic coastline in a series of paintings and mono prints. He walks through the landscape making studies and sketches. He remembers the time or place, without physically being there enabling him to capture its essence.

The exhibition starts with a series of framed mono prints, Gardiner refers to these as a downward slice through the landscape, representing layers of geological time.



Jeremy Gardiner. Framed mono prints. Victoria Art Gallery Bath.

Gardiner’s influences are John Piper, Graham Sutherland and Paul Nash, 1940 British Neo Romantic painters.

Ideas from the exhibition: painting on birch and popular panels, flat area of colour alongside textured areas, an uneven edge is interesting and to layer up wood to paint on.

Gardiner’s process is to collect fossils, which occur in the work. He maps patterns of information into his paintings by using collaged shapes as a relief overlapping to give a sense of a multiple view.



Exhibition Visits

I went to two very interesting exhibitions at Victoria Art Gallery Bath. Modern Masters in Print

This show conveys the work of four great artists from the 20th Century Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso through a Print Collection from the Victoria and Albert Museum. These artists saw the birth of the modern age. Line and more detailed drawings featured as well as prints showing the preparation before making a painting and introducing colour. Interesting to see the contrast between each artists work.


Dali. Grasshopper Child composition 1933.

I have chosen this drawing by Dali for its composition it resonates what I am trying to convey in my own work. Rocks, space with structures or objects in the landscape. This has inspired me to draw out a composition of structures for my paintings.

John Eaves Small Beginnings Works on paper. Watercolour and collage. Crayon. Charcoal and wash. These processes of working stood out for me. His subject matter geological strata and concerns with landscape sources is derivative of the work I have been creating and was a good source of reference for my work now.