Open studios

I am opening my studio to the public for the first time. Showcasing a selection of my latest paintings and drawings from a large body of work titled ‘Transition of Place, paintings, 2016’. From 29 April to 8 May as part of the Severn Vale art trail 2016. Please do come. All welcome.

Studio Assessment Preparation.

Using the wall as my canvas I played with sitting surfaces next to each other,  re-arranging them to explore different thoughts and meanings. I have focused on selecting and presenting work that best represents my intention, the allusion of place with a deep sense of feeling and emotion. I have learnt that the space changes the work. I have arrived at two separate assemblages that are in conversation, representing where I am now. It was important to include elements from and of place.




Clare Thatcher.

Transience of place I

Transience of place II

In the studio

It is really good to be back in my studio this week at Bath Spa University. I have been preparing my space for my studio module assessment, making sure decisions about what is and isn’t working.

I am considering what the work is saying by using the wall as my canvas to arrange works that connect in a way that alludes to my subject, the transience of place. This is where I have arrived at.IMG_1781


At the moment these are hung as two separate assemblages.




Work in progress

In the studio I have been experimenting with the placement of my work to see how they work together by
rearranging the composition, thinking about size, format and the combination of materials.





I think this is an interesting format and they work well together, as one piece is flat colour and the other has textures added to the surface in the form of paint and materials.IMG_1626


I left this painting on paper to rest for a number of weeks until I knew what to add. I have added modelling paste mixed with paint, fragments of a drawing and a grey wash to enhance certain areas.imageIMG_1621

In the studio

I have been experimenting with modelling paste on different surfaces today with some interesting results. I have begun to overlap the burlap to give a sense of layering.IMG_1568


As you can see the modelling pastes dry very differently to when applied.IMG_1579

Natural Modelling paste B & C. Lascaux structura.



In the studio

Today I have been experimenting with different modelling pastes on their own and mixed with an acrylic colour one way of adding a texture to my paintings. I am colouring the paste to give a ground colour to then paint over with oil paint.

I have made a few sample canvases.




I applied Lascaux Structura and acrylic yellow ochre at the top and Natural Lascaux modelling paste C and acrylic yellow ochre on the bottom with a palette knife. Leave to dry overnight and I will apply another coat tomorrow. The structura is less coarse than the natural modelling paste. It was easy to apply over the burlap. Leaving part of the burlap is interesting.

Galeria heavy structure gel-very smooth easy to apply and dries clear.

Lascaux Structura-light-creamy-easy to colour-dries white and when coloured dries dark.

Natural Lascaux modelling paste A-very thick-added with acrylic medium becomes a creamy consistency.

Natural Lascaux modelling paste B-coarse gritty and easy to apply.

Natural Lascaux modelling paste C-very coarse and gritty.

In the studio

Today I rearranged my work to take a step back to allow reflection. IMG_1515



Oil paint glazes on aluminium.

I added beeswax to Purple Lake to make a buttery consistency and these denser areas of paint really stand away from the glaze.


Oil paint on aluminium & oil paint on burlap


Oil paint on canvas & oil paint and burlap on plywood.

In the studio


Oil paint on canvas, plywood, burlap, aluminium and driftwood

I am reflecting on how the materials sit alongside each other and what they could represent. I am getting a feel for the different surfaces and how the paint adheres to them.


Collage, stone, gouache and coffee on heavy khaki paper.

I have been experimenting with different tones of the same colour.



Coffee and ink on Blotting paper.

I am playing with natural materials in preparation for working onto burlap. The experimentation of using coffee and ink onto blotting paper has been successful as it is giving translucent layering that relates to what I am trying to say in my work.

I have had a successful day experimenting with materials with some surprising results.

Preparing my materials

Preparing the burlap for use as a material in my work.
I made a decision to prepare a variety of supports to work with the burlap. One large two 60cm square and a smaller piece for experimentation. The material is very tactile and reminds me of sacking or hessian.
My work uses natural, raw and organic materials this is why I am using plywood as a support and not MDF, as the quality of the wood being natural with wood grain will enhance the work. I have made box frames as the burlap will need to be attached to this.
I have used acrylic canvas sealer to seal the plywood as it is easy to use and will act as an adhesive for the burlap. I am going to experiment with rabbit skin glue as an adhesive and compare the outcomes. Work the same way as stretching canvas but with care as the weave of the burlap tends to move around more. It is really exciting to see the burlap on the supports. I gave it another good coat of sealer this is so the oil paint does not soak into the burlap. I am going to put them up in my studio against other materials to reflect before working on them. I will post this tomorrow.