MA Research

Anslem Kiefer is a painter that infuses the landscape genre achieving the most powerful effects of meaning and interest. Kiefer’s work has different strands of meaning, themes taken from myth, legend, religion and political history. He takes complex ideas and puts them into a single coherent image, using a pictorial language the viewer can understand.

In my research I am interested that other German artists have recently exhibited in the UK, Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz and currently a retrospective Alibis: Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern.

Artist Research

After going to see the Anslem Kiefer exhibition at the RA, I watched the moving and physical DVD  Over cities grass will grow a documentary on the work of Kiefer by Sophie Fennes. It was so moving and powerful to see how he works on such a grand scale and very interesting to see the works from the exhibition being made. Kiefer is surrounded by large pots of  stuff, paint, concrete, rubble, rock. Calm and sometimes dramatic music accompanies the film setting the scene. His assistants are on hand, acting on his command. Highly recommended  if you have been or about to go to the exhibition and simply love the work of Anslem Kiefer.