Exhibition news


Myself, Zander Buchan Jones, Thomas Mence, Pia Pack and Victoria Walters will be exhibiting recent work in our MA Fine Art Interim Exhibition at Dartmouth Avenue, Bath School of Art & Design. Private view 6 June 2015 from 3pm-5pm. The show runs until 10 June 2015.  Please do come, all welcome.

Studio Assessment Preparation.

Using the wall as my canvas I played with sitting surfaces next to each other,  re-arranging them to explore different thoughts and meanings. I have focused on selecting and presenting work that best represents my intention, the allusion of place with a deep sense of feeling and emotion. I have learnt that the space changes the work. I have arrived at two separate assemblages that are in conversation, representing where I am now. It was important to include elements from and of place.




Clare Thatcher.

Transience of place I

Transience of place II

In the studio


Oil paint on canvas, plywood, burlap, aluminium and driftwood

I am reflecting on how the materials sit alongside each other and what they could represent. I am getting a feel for the different surfaces and how the paint adheres to them.


Collage, stone, gouache and coffee on heavy khaki paper.

I have been experimenting with different tones of the same colour.



Coffee and ink on Blotting paper.

I am playing with natural materials in preparation for working onto burlap. The experimentation of using coffee and ink onto blotting paper has been successful as it is giving translucent layering that relates to what I am trying to say in my work.

I have had a successful day experimenting with materials with some surprising results.