Exhibition news


Myself, Zander Buchan Jones, Thomas Mence, Pia Pack and Victoria Walters will be exhibiting recent work in our MA Fine Art Interim Exhibition at Dartmouth Avenue, Bath School of Art & Design. Private view 6 June 2015 from 3pm-5pm. The show runs until 10 June 2015.  Please do come, all welcome.

In the studio

It is really good to be back in my studio this week at Bath Spa University. I have been preparing my space for my studio module assessment,┬ámaking sure decisions about what is and isn’t working.

I am considering what the work is saying by using the wall as my canvas to arrange works that connect in a way that alludes to my subject, the transience of place. This is where I have arrived at.IMG_1781


At the moment these are hung as two separate assemblages.




Exhibition visit

I recommend a visit to Victoria Art Gallery Bath to see Edwina Bridgeman Ship of Fools Exhibition.

This is an exhibition in a respected art gallery that appeals to children as well as adults, crossing the boundary of art and craft. It has me asking questions. What is art? Do you need to bring a certain knowledge to understand it? I think anything can be art in the right context.

The installation is interactive, naive, which brings a connection with play, childlike and children.

The more time I spend looking I appreciate each figure as an individual character with its own personality. The exhibition has informed me of another way to use found materials and objects to create other forms.

Exhibition visit.

Anslem Kiefer Royal Academy of art London 27Sep-14Dec 2014.

The exhibition explores the themes that run through Anslem Kiefer’s oeuvre. A retrospective and a number of new works made for the exhibition. Kiefer has achieved work that responds to poetry, myth, religion and the history of Germany post war years. He works across disciplines. As a viewer I see a portrayal of dereliction, construction and reconstruction with the use of meaning and depth. As a painter I see an artist working on a grand scale not afraid of using many unexpected materials together on a variety of surfaces.
The curator, Kathleen Soriano, working with Kiefer, begins and ends the show with artist books, from sketch and scrap books to bound watercolour paintings. Showing the importance of making the books has to his work. In his books he seeks to recreate a memory. The exhibition has left me asking questions about my work. Why do I keep returning to the Avon Gorge and the Marina at Portishead? Is it local history? Is it the past alongside the new? For example the history of the Gorge alongside modern structures. The lock and historical wooden structures at Portishead Marina with modern apartment buildings. I am seeking deep meaning and emotion within my work. The exhibition is incredibly powerful and has left me in awe of him and his work. I highly recommend a visit.