Oil paint making workshop

What a rewarding day at University Centre Somerset delivering an oil paint making workshop, giving an artist talk & sharing my work with such great BA Fine Art Degree students.

So engaging & welcoming. Discussing the materiality of paint, the passion for colour & the importance of drawing.

Exhibition Visit.

I went with a group of students from Bath Spa University and The Royal Academy London to The Simon Lee Gallery in London to meet artist Dexter Dalwood, to talk about the meaning behind his London Paintings Exhibition. He said it is about finding a language for what you are interested in.

From this visit I learnt his work; is imagery about a place, a little like but not really. It is an alternative vision-not sights of London, a shift from the obvious to something else. London Paintings are a series of work over 2 years. He talked about his theme of London as a subject and his time spent in it and about other painters who have painted London before.

I always struggle with putting a title to my work, Dexter made an interesting comment that his titles do not have a direct connection.

Artist talk

Past Present Future: sustaining practice. Tim Parry-Williams.

Tim Parry-Williams is a weaver, designer, researcher, curator and MA Design Fashion and Textiles course leader at Bath Spa Uni. This is what I have learnt today from craftsman Parry-Williams.

Plan your studio days as they are precious.
Translate to other ways of working.
Reflect on your practice, deconstruct what you are doing.
What have you got to offer?
What is your vocabulary, your language?
Think about how you start. I start painting either with a thick, solid ground or I build up with thin layers of glaze.
Record your task for the day. Be focused.
How can I translate what I am seeing in other artists work to mine?
Responding to the world by gaining a grounding in materials and process.
Dedicate your time to polishing a certain skill.

Artist Talk

I went to a really interesting talk this week ‘Thinking through outline’ by artist Joe Graham from Loughboro University who is just completing his PHD (practice) in Drawing. I would like to share a couple of interesting thoughts about drawing with you. ‘Let the drawing tell you what to do next’. ‘Different materials have their own language and do different things’. Also you might like to have a look at ‘Centre for recent drawing London’ a museum space for drawing that shows continuous exhibitions of drawing practice. This is where Joe had an artist residency last year.