In the studio

I have been busy working in my studio at Bath Spa University, creating a felt response to my location, on a variety of surfaces. My use of materials needs to be specific for the same reason as my need to be very specific about colour.







One thought on “In the studio

  1. Great work Clare
    Have a look at Merlin James
    Things have really moved on
    Difficult to see only in digital ether of the internet
    Looks like huge subtleties going on but I can’t tell on this little phone
    I laughed about the lump of wood because I liked it and could see the relevance but smiled at the comments already received for the stuff on the floor
    Oh boy how we try but the critics sneer either way because they know and we do not – or not
    Funny how critics die but artists live on
    Looking forward to your show
    Go for it
    Best wishes

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